boat t top
boat t top
Dolphin T Tops

Dolphin Boat T Top

The best folding boat t top for center console boats in the United States. We have 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing aluminium products for boats.

Over the years we have built a strong reputation through our innovation of quality products and excellent service. Our knowledge and skills has allowed to create one of the best universal boat t tops on the market today.

Our pre fabricated easy to install adjustable folding boat T Tops will change the look of your boat.

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Why Choose Us

  • 1

    Heavy Duty
    Heavy duty premium 2 Inch
    frame black or anodised
  • 2

    Easy Installation
    Easy installation in a few
    hours with a friend
  • 3

    The t top will quick release for
    bridges and storage
  • 4

    Solid Structure
    Rock solid structure with
    large grab handles
  • 5

    Removable cover
    Dolphin unique design of
    quick removable cover
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Shipping & Payment

We ship in the USA & Canada standard shipping takes 3-7 business days, secure Paypal express payment.

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Dolphin Boat T Top

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