Dolphin SS PRO T top installation guide


Unpack and check the contents of the box.
Please read all instruction prior to installation
If you are NOT sure of any part of the guide or you have any questions
Please contact the DOLPHIN T Tops


STEP 2: Assemble the top cover frame of your SS T T Top.
Note: The front and rear curved bars have a slight upwards curve.
The frame will pin together.

STEP 3: Assemble the cross bars of the top cover frame.
Note: The cross bar curve faces upwards as well.
Front Cross Beam: Slide 2 x tube Flat tab tube fttings onto the bar. The Flat tab tube fittings are used to
attach your front legs to the top cross beam. At Each end of the cross beam there is a triangular fitting.

Rear Cross Beam: The cross beam has the triangular fittings on each end of the beam..
STEP 4: Attaching the cross beams to the outer top frame.
Disconnect the curved front end of the top frame, slide on a Flat tab tube fitting on the the straight section.
(do this to both sides) Now Re- attached the curved front bar. Position the Flat Tab fittings near the join
Attach the cross beam from side to side with curve up. Now you can repeat process for the rear cross beam.
Note: You can move the cross beam along the side tubes and lock into a position.

You should now have the top frame and cross beams together.
You can attach the material cover no if you wish, or do it later.

STEP 5: Assemble the brace bar between front Leg and rear Legs
Note: Front legs use the slightly curved length for it legs facing forwards.
Note: Rear legs use the large curved length for its legs facing to the rear and outwards
You can adjust the angle of the brace bar to fit the distance between front and rear leg.

STEP 6: Attaching the legs to your Center Console.
Position the bottom of the front leg approx  2 - 4 inches of the floor.
Hold the mount against the console and mark the position. Ideal to have you legs wide apart.
Check the inside of your console for objects or wires before drilling into the console.
When you attach the mount we recommend putting extra 12 mm ply backing to strengthen your
console to stop !ex and movment of the console. The extra board sits between the console and the alloy
backing disc we supply. Position the 2nd mount on the leg as high as posible on your console.
The rear leg you can place higher of the floor than the front leg.
This will angle the top giving you more height at the back and head clearance.

STEP 7: Attach the Front legs to the Top Frame cross beam.
Before you lock in the small grub screw you can rotate the legs to the position you require.
It is recommended that you face the front leg curve forwards.
Attatch the top of the front legs to the Flat tab tube fittings on the top frame cross beam.
You can move the flat tab fittings to be in the correct position along the cross beam.
You can have the legs straight forwards or angle slightly outwards.

STEP 8: Attach the rear legs to the top frame side bar.
The rear leg curve faces backwards and angle outwards.
You rotate the legs outwards to the side bars of the top frame.
Your Flat tab tube fitting can be place on the side bars of the top frame or outer eadge of the cross
beam. You will have to determine which is the better stable position that suit your console.
LOWRING for storage. You can remove the T Top by detaching the 8 bolts from the mounts. OR
remove all 6 bolts from the mounts leaving the bottom 2 front leg bolts. Then pivot the T Top
forwards. You can also loosen the top of the front legs to the top cover.
WARNING : this is not simple and you are required to be careful of the moving parts.

Be sure to check and tighten all fasteners and connections prior to every use
Be cautious when towing or driving under obstacles, low hanging structures or trees
Remove the material top whilst towing behind your vehicle.
Use soap and water to clean your t top. Always rinse and wipe down t top after
Contact with salt (brackish) water.
You will need to polish and maintaine the 304 Stainless it is not high grade. You do have to maintain it.
It is recommended that you spray a clear protective coat over the grub screws and !ttings.
to help protect from corrosion.

Dolphin T Tops warrants the product (not including other 3rd party accessories) against
manufactures defects.
The product/part is to be sent to the Dolphin for inspection where it will either be repaired or replaced.
(unless otherwise agreed in writing) The customer is liable for costs associated in shipping the
product/part to Dolphin T Tops.
Dolphin is not responsible for personal injury or damage to the boat caused by the use of the t top
or any transport charges or cost of installation or removal of the t top. Dolphin is not liability for direct
or indirect or consequential damages resulting from delay or improper installation.
Warranty does not cover anodised, polished or powder coated surfaces as well as any hardware
corrosion they are specially excluded as their care and use can not be controlled by Dolphin.
Warranty does not cover the spider coat gel cracking or damage from the installation or use of
the t top on your boat. No dealer, retailer or manufacturer is the agent and may
not assume any liability in connection with this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all.



THE CANOPY IS RATED UP TO 40MPH. Please unzipper 2 or more corners of canopy when driving above rated speed.

The construction of your boats console, design, thickness of the console walls and overall design may
cause movement at the mounting points. Which will cause "ex and movement in the T Top. If this
occurs on your boat it is not a warranty or refundable claim.
If the construction of you boats console causes movement at the mounting points or incorrect
mounting location creates added pressure on joints increasing movement of the t top it voids warranty.
If in doubt do not install the t top.
Check all bolts and parts prior to use, especially after towing behind a vehicle, lowering and raising
after storage.
Do not stand, climb or jump o# t top, do not tow the boat behind a vehicle with the t top lowered.
Do Not Ski, wake,tow tubes, boats or other watercraft from the tower. Watch out whilst moving under
objects, such as bridges, low building and trees.

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