Universal Radar Arch - 74in Installation Guide

Before the installation, please read the following tips carefully.

1. You will receive 2 separate packages for this tower, one is big for the top sections and legs which is also a standard wakeboard tower including a full set of mounting kit for standard wakeboard tower installation. The other carton is smaller which includes the pair of base bars and a set of mounting kit for pontoon boat, the 4x L brackets are used for pontoon boats only, you may disregard them and use the standrad round deck mounts.

2. The tow point is removable. If you use the tower a a radar arch, you can discard the tow eye or install it upside down incase it blocks your radar installation.

The big carton will include the following parts

Detailed mounting parts in this package

The smaller carton will include the following parts

Detailed mounting parts in this package

Step1: First of all, have a look over the exploded drawing and learn the main dimensions of the radar arch.

Step2: Attach the 4x through-hole feet to the 2x base bars.

Step3: Decide where you will locate the radar arch. The mounting width is normally 82in-109in adjustable, however you can cut the horizontal arms or the H section to make the tower narrower to fit your boat.  Use the U-shape leg as a tool mark the location of the front and rear mount. The mount can be top or side mounted, just make sure the surface is flat to allow the round mount sit well. Measure the wdith fron the left to right where you will mount the radar arch.


1. You must make sure the mounting position is symmetrical, use the front or rear of the boat as a reference.

2. There should be no wire or any block under the deck.

Step4: Assemble the tower on ground. Firstly insert the 4x L arms into the H top section, keep them loose, and then attach the 2x H legs to the arms. You cannot reverse order or you will feel hard to insert the horizontal arms into H section.  Lift the tower and adjust the width as close as your previous measurement, DO NOT tighten any bolt at this stage.

Step5: Re-confirm the exact location for the 4x deck mounts, we recommend you attach the deck mounts to the U shape base bars and use it as a tool to mark the 4x positions, or measure the exact distance between the center point of the front and rear mount. Keep in mind the left and right must be symmetrical.

And make sure the nylon washer and nylon plate part are assembled in correct order, which will help you fold the tower in future.

Step7: Attach the 2x base bars to the deck mounts.

Ste8: Attach the top tower to the base bars. Note a wakeboarding tow eye is included in the package, you can discard it or assemble it upside down incase it blocks your radar installation. You can also use it as a center reference to make sure the H section sit in middle of the tower, then drill holes through the H section and horizontal arms and connect them with the 8x long bolts and nuts.

Step9: Tight all bolts.

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