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Dolphin 30L (32Quart) Cooler/Dry Box

Dolphin 30L (32Quart) Cooler/Dry Box

The ultimate leak-proof cooler. Keeps food and drinks cold. It doubles as a dry box - keeping out moisture and/or dust from your valuable electronics, emergency kits and cameras.

The special product cannot be purchased separately.


Dolphin 30 Liter (32 Quart) Cooler/ Dry Box


High quality products.

Lightweight and box with carry handles.

Molded Insulation keeps Food and Drinks cold

It doubles as a dry box, protect your things from damp and harmful elements.

Holds the cold for 1-2 days.


15" High x 20" Long x 13" Wide (top part measured)

11'' High x17'' Long x 10'' Wide (Inside capacity)

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